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    Your Guide To Find The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Round Face Shape

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    Your Guide To Find The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Round Face Shape

    How to determine your face shape:

    Take some measurements

     Using a measuring tape, a printed portrait, or a mirror, simply trace your forehead, cheekbones, jawlines, and face length. Measure each one. This method will help you find out the basic contours of your face to know your face shape. 

    Round face shape

    If you have an round face shape you probably have :

    • Wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones
    • Width of the face is the same as the length
    • Round jawline with subtle angles

    Celebrities with round face shape


    • Selena Gomez
    • Leonardo dicaprio
    • Ginnifer goodwin
    • Elijah wood

    Best glasses for Round face shape:

    Rectangle Sunglasses

    Due to their sharp and bold angles, rectangular frames compliments the softness of a round face creating some kind of balance to their look. Not to forget that they look amazing with many style aesthetic.

    Prada SPR25Y+ holymolyshopGentle monster GW002 + holymoly shopRay-Ban Julie +holymolyshop sunglasses

      Prada SPR25Y       Gentle monster GW002            Ray-Ban Julie



    Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Their ability to lift the face up with their upswept shape, making the face look slimmer, definitely gave the cat-eye shades their rights to be popular among round faces.

     Balenciaga BB0095S +holymoly shopMiu Miu MU53WS +holymolyshopYSL SL276 MICA +holymolyshop

     Balenciaga BB0095S    Miu Miu MU53WS              YSL SL276 MICA


    Full-Rimmed Sunglasses

    Angular frames that are bold, thick and fully rimmed can be one of the best choices for round faces. All these features are great for creating a symmetrical and balanced appearance to the face.

     Prada PR16WSCeline CL40214U +holymolyshop sunglassesDavid Beckham DB7000

     Prada PR16WS        Celine CL40214U           David Beckham DB7000



    Geometric frames

     Have fun with your style!  Introduce a new geometric sunglasses to your collection and create an edgy, wild and bold look with them.

    Ray-Ban Hexagonal +holymolyshop sunglassesRay-Ban OctagonalRay-Ban Marshal II

     Ray-Ban Hexagonal          Ray-Ban Octagonal      Ray-Ban Marshal II


    Square Sunglasses

    Another style that has angles yet on the list of the best sunglasses for round faces, just like the rectangle and geometric framed ones, these sunglasses shows a contrast with the roundness of the face, making them a great option.

     Ray-Ban Square +holymolyshop sunglassesRay-Ban Square II + holymolyshop sunglassesLV PLAY SUNGLASSES

    Ray-Ban Square             Ray-Ban Square II         LV PLAY SUNGLASSES



    We hope this article was useful to you, and helped you find your perfect match of sunglasses !