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    Your Guide To Find The Perfect Sunglasses For Your Oval Face Shape

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     Sunglasses are an essential accessory for any season, and finding the right pair for your face shape is a key.

    Oval face shapes have their own unique style, and finding out the right sunglasses to complement it can be tricky. To help, we've rounded up some of the best sunglasses that are sure to flatter your features!

    How to determine your face shape:

    Take some measurements

     Using a measuring tape, a printed portrait, or a mirror, simply trace your forehead, cheekbones, jawlines, and face length. Measure each one. This method will help you find out the basic contours of your face to know your face shape.

    Oval face shape

    If you have an oval face shape you probably have :

    • face length is greater than the width of the cheekbones
    • forehead length is greater than the jawline
    •  angle of the jaw is rounded rather than sharp.

    Celebrities with oval face shape

    Beyonce - Justin Bieber- Jake Gyllenhaal - Bella Hadid
    • Beyonce
    • Justin Bieber
    • Jake Gyllenhaal
    • Bella Hadid

    Best glasses for oval face shape:

    Square Glasses 

    Square sunglasses are known to be the best suited on oval face shapes.
    The delicacy of an oval face features when in contrast with the sharp edges of a squared frame provides proportion and symmetry to the face.

    LV Play Sunglasses David BeckhamRay-Ban Square II


    LV PLAY SUNGLASSES  David Beckham DB7046/S     Ray-Ban Square II



     This style of sunglasses is credited with being one of the first popularised style of sunglasses to be developed, and it's definitely there on the list be one of the most popular oval-face shapes. Due to their large lens coverage, aviators take a big part of your face, alluding to a smaller face shape. For a better aviator choice go for a squared aviator glasses combining the angular and defined shapes with the overall height of aviator sharpens up the look and creates more flattering shape.

    Bottega Veneta Eyewear square-frame aviator sunglassesRay-Ban Blaze Aviator

    Bottega Veneta square-frame aviator  Ray-Ban Blaze Aviator


    Cat-eye Glasses

    The exaggerated upswept frame that forms the shape of a cat's eye started to take off in the 1950s as the stars of the day took to wearing this glamourous shape on the big screen. 

    Cat-eye glasses looks perfect on woman with oval faces, providing elevated, classical look, and enhancing their facial features especially the cheekbones.

    Fendi V1 cat eyeYSL SL276 MICAMiu Miu MU53WS

    Fendi V1                       YSL SL276 MICA                  Miu Miu MU53WS


    Double Bridge Glasses

    Double bridge adds another bas across the top of the lenses, giving extra touch to it. The double bridge will draw attention to the middle of your face and away from the outer edges, and that will uplift your features.

    Dior BlackSuit RI Dolce & Gabbana DG4403Tom Ford FALCONER-02 FT0884

    Dior BlackSuit RI  Dolce & GabbanaDG4403 Tom Ford FALCONER-02FT088


    Clubmaster Glasses

    The first pair of browline sunglasses, the "Clubmaster". These shades are known for their bold style, with the mix of casual yet classy appearance. Due to their thick acetate upper, these frames will draw attention to your brows, creating much more symmetry.

    Ray-Ban ClubmasterRay-Ban Blaze Clubmaster


    Ray-Ban Clubmaster                      Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster 


    We hope this article was useful to you, and helped you find your perfect match of sunglasses !